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Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

  Perhaps Chemistry wasn’t your favorite class in high school. We know it doesn’t come easy to everyone. But when you’re dealing with pools and spac, there are a few things to understand that will help your ownership and management.    Let’s start with some baseline terms. First and foremost, what is pH? I am sure… Continue reading Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

Pool Covers

Are pool covers a necessity? At High Seas Pools & Spas, we highly recommend the use of pool covers in the off-season. Not only do they help the integrity of your pool, but they provide safety as well. So let’s discuss the pro’s of a pool cover, and what you need to do to get… Continue reading Pool Covers

Renting with Pool Heat

Fall rentals in Outer Banks are such a blast, especially when you’re renting with pool heat! But do you understand the limits of what a pool heater can do? Managing your expectations about renting with pool heat is the key to enjoying a wonderful week of swimming in cooler temperatures. The Down Low on Pool… Continue reading Renting with Pool Heat

Salt Systems for Pools

Let’s get down to it – the good and the back about salt systems for pools. You’ve likely heard about salt chlorinators or “salt systems for pools”, and you may be wondering, “Is it really worth the switch?”. Our answer is: YES! Let’s talk first about the difference between chlorine vs salt system.    What… Continue reading Salt Systems for Pools

Pool Rental Checklist

May kicks off the rental season in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and High Seas Pools & Spas has your back when it comes to the pool rental checklist. There are a few helpful things you’ll need for a successful rental season to ensure you guests are safe and enjoying your aquatic wonderland. Pool Rental Checklist:… Continue reading Pool Rental Checklist

Suntan Lotion and Water

When it comes to keeping the chemicals in your pool water balanced, the true arch-nemesis is suntan lotion. That’s right – suntan lotion is killing your water balance. Suntan lotions are typically oil based, and when left in excess on the skin, they gunk up your water and filter system. When your water and filter… Continue reading Suntan Lotion and Water

2020 List of Weird Things in Pools

The season is coming to an end (somewhat). With COVID-19 impacting majority of the spring 2020 rental season, we are seeing more volume for fall 2020 in OBX. Regardless, it’s our favorite time of the year to reflect on all of the weird things we found in pools and spas this year. In no particular… Continue reading 2020 List of Weird Things in Pools

A Dip Before Check-In

2020 has thrown us all for a loop! While majority of the world was ill-prepared for COVID-19, the OBX pool industry has made it a point to adapt to necessary safety measures for our pool and spa services. What are we doing to help protect staff, guests, owners, and vendors from COVID-19 transmission? As the… Continue reading A Dip Before Check-In