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Renting with Pool Heat

Renting with Pool Heat

Fall rentals in Outer Banks are such a blast, especially when you’re renting with pool heat! But do you understand the limits of what a pool heater can do? Managing your expectations about renting with pool heat is the key to enjoying a wonderful week of swimming in cooler temperatures.

The Down Low on Pool Heat 

Pool heaters can only heat so high. That’s the reality. Understanding that a pool heater is not the same as a hot tub will help prevent frustrations when you dive in expecting water to be in the upper 90’s, like a bath. You can expect a pool to be heated between 80° to 88°, though that is dependent on the size of the pool, the air temperature/weather, and the amount of sunlight hitting the pool. When the air temperature drops below 65°, heaters struggle to effectively heat the water into the 80’s. You’ll also have to consider the amount of time it takes a pool to heat up. You can estimate that on average a pool will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to heat up. The larger the body of water, the longer it may take to heat up. And as we mentioned earlier, if the outside temperatures are especially cold, then that will add to the time. 

What to Expect When Arrival to a Rental

What can you expect when you arrive to a pool rental with heat? A pool technician will be scheduled to clean the property on the day of your arrival. If the rental before you has also rented pool heat, the heater should already be on and the water should be heated. Emphasis on the “should” portion, because elements like weather can truly effect heat (as we’ve mentioned a few times already). If the renters prior to you did not have pool heat, a pool technician will turn on your heat while they clean the pool. Remember, a pool technician cannot be persuaded to “turn up” the heat any higher than the system or the state of North Carolina allows. The State of North Carolina caps heating a pool at 90°, which is different from the limit of spa (or hot tub) heat which is capped at 104°. 

What to Do When You Think It’s Not Working

Let’s say you arrive to your rental property and you feel the heat is not working. What should you do? Calling your rental property manager is the first step (and please remember to be nice!). They will be able to provide some guidance on the heat, and can contact a pool technician to clarify if it is actually not working, or explain what to expect for the remainder of your rental when it comes to heating the pool. 





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