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Pool Repair Season

Pool Repair Season

Pool repair season is here! Summer can take a toll on pool and spa equipment when your property faces harsh weather and personal or rental use. Fall is the perfect time to inventory items that aren’t working properly, or parts that need replaced. With rentals decreasing and hot, sunny days creeping away, pool techs have the availability to address pool and/or spa issues big or small. 

Remember, winter on the Outer Banks can be harsh and cause additional damage to pools and spas that aren’t repaired. Don’t ruin your spring by discovering an undesirable problem at the start of rental season.

Consider tackling these types of projects with High Seas Pools & Spas this fall:

  • Replacement of Parts. Fall is a great time to schedule the replacement of parts such as motors, skimmers, sand filters, and chlorinators. We recommend handling these before you close your pool, to ensure that parts work properly before the spring. 
  • Plumbing/Leak Detection. Losing too much water can significantly impact all of your pool and spa equipment. The most important step is to identify the source of a leak, then create a plan of action for fixing it. Issues such as leaking pool returns, for example, may require extensive plumbing and concrete work. Avoiding these types of repairs may lead to a larger issues in the future. 
  • Concrete Work. While the weather is still nice, it’s a great time to consider repairing small or large concrete damage around your pool or spa deck. 
Interested in a quote for fall repairs?
If you’re considering repairs, or noticing aspects of your pool and/or spa that aren’t working properly, let us know! We can schedule a time to review your issues/questions and create a plan of action. 




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