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pool covers

Are pool covers a necessity? At High Seas Pools & Spas, we highly recommend the use of pool covers in the off-season. Not only do they help the integrity of your pool, but they provide safety as well. So let’s discuss the pro’s of a pool cover, and what you need to do to get one installed today. 

Why are pool covers great? 

  • They keep debris from getting into the pool. When debris gets into the pool, it can cause bacteria and viruses to grow, damage the integrity of the pool, and block skimmers causing additional cleaning needs when you open for the spring and summer. 
  • They block sunlight and that reduces algae growth. It’s a pretty simple biology lesson, and here’s the recap: photosynthesis. Remove the light, remove the extra growth of algae (yes, you’ll still have some slime and other “yuckies”). 
  • Keep pets or other animals out. If the cover is on, it will reduce the potential for pets or other animals to fall in and fall victim to cold water or the inability to get back out. 
  • Protect the integrity of your pool from extreme temperatures or weather. A cover will help protect the integrity of your pool from being subject to harsh natural elements like weather, which over time can cause wear and tear. 
What do you need to do to get a pool cover?
A pool technician can look at your pool to determine the best size and type of pool cover. Once your order comes in, a pool technician will be able to install the anchors and attached cover correctly. It’s as simple as that. If you’re interested in ordering a pool cover in the Outer Banks, give us a call!

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