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Pool Rental Checklist

pool rental checklist

May kicks off the rental season in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and High Seas Pools & Spas has your back when it comes to the pool rental checklist. There are a few helpful things you’ll need for a successful rental season to ensure you guests are safe and enjoying your aquatic wonderland. 

Pool Rental Checklist:

  • A good pool technician (Obviously we are biased! High Seas Pools & Spas makes a great partner.)
  • Safety signage relaying pool and spa rules (Make sure it’s up to date, readable, and in an easy to locate spot.)
  • A pool pole with a skimmer net (The pole should be able to extend, and the net should be rip and hole free.)
  • A shepherds hook (This is very important for the safe removal of swimmers in distress.)
  • A good quality hose (Make sure it can reach your pool and has a strong flow to keep water levels up.)
  • A hose timer (Most pool technicians will provide one, but having your own makes it even easier to time water distribution.)
  • Functioning locks on your gate (Safety is always important in and out of the water.)
  • Check your pool furniture (Make sure there are no broken pieces that could cause harm to renters.)
Renting your pool is a big responsibility. Ensuring that your property has the appropriate quantity and type of equipment is key for proper maintenance and usage. 


Choosing the Best Pool Technician

Renting your property often means that weeks or months can pass before you are able to put eyes on it as a homeowner. Having a pool technician that you can trust is the key to high quality pool service. High Seas Pools & Spas takes pride in a service model that utilizes new management technology and state of the art pool equipment to ensure your property is in top shape. Want to learn more about our service model and customized app that notifies you about property service? Contact us today!


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