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Suntan Lotion and Water

Suntan Lotion is Killing Your Water Balance

When it comes to keeping the chemicals in your pool water balanced, the true arch-nemesis is suntan lotion. That’s right – suntan lotion is killing your water balance. Suntan lotions are typically oil based, and when left in excess on the skin, they gunk up your water and filter system. When your water and filter system are unable to function properly, it will result in unbalanced pool (and spa) water. And you guessed it – when the chemicals are unbalanced, that allows for the growth of bacteria, viruses, algae and more. 

Fear not! We are not telling you to skip the lotion or oil entirely. Instead, avoid lathering up right before you get in  the pool or spa. Additionally, rinse off before getting into the pool or spa, which will help remove excess suntan and body oils, allowing your water’s chemicals to do their job. 

What else can you do to help keep your pool and spa water balanced? 

  • Avoid using heavy detergents or fabric softeners on your swim apparel 
  • Keep animals (like your dog) out of the pool
  • Make sure the water stays at an appropriate level
  • Don’t let food or beverage (especially alcohol) in the pool or spa
  • Keep sand out of your pool and spa with a quick rinse before hopping in
  • Keep your spa temperature at the appropriate level (remember, it’s not a swimming pool for kids!)
Just a few simple precautions will help you prevent suntan lotion from killing your water balance. There’s nothing quite like sparkling clean water!




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