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Why Open Your Pool In Late March or Early April?

Open in Late March or Early April

Why open your pool in late March or early April? Two words: algae prevention. You may be thinking, “Wait, I won’t be at my beach house or have renters until May, so what’s the rush?” Mother Nature holds nothing back when it comes to creating the perfect environment that makes your pool a pond. Lack of chemicals and water movement will allow algae blooms (including black algae) to explode, creating more issues than unsightly water. 

Let’s talk about black algae. What is it? Black algae is a super resistant and hard-to-kill strain of algae that appears in small black dots on your pool’s walls, floors and surfaces. This growth occurs when chemical levels are too low and the elements are prime for photosynthesis. Let’s think of it as the Darth Vader of pool growth. 

You may also be thinking, “Ok, I understand the risk, but I don’t want to pay for extra weeks of service when no one is using it.” We completely understand budgeting for vendor services, particularly when you do not have any rentals on the books. What we can tell you is the cost and effort of cleaning black mold from your pool is greater than opening early and maintaining it for a few weeks prior to rental season. , You can learn more about High Seas Pools & Spas opening services on our service page, or you can contact us directly to get a quote and schedule your open today for late March or early April.



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