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Salt Systems for Pools

salt systems for pools

Let’s get down to it – the good and the back about salt systems for pools. You’ve likely heard about salt chlorinators or “salt systems for pools”, and you may be wondering, “Is it really worth the switch?”. Our answer is: YES!

Let’s talk first about the difference between chlorine vs salt system. 

What is a salt system? This is a pool system that continuously generates chlorine from pool salt through salt cells. 

 What are the benefits of a salt system? Once a salt system has been installed in your pool, it will be able to generate its own chlorine through salt continuously. This system is easier to maintain than using granular chlorine, and cheaper once it’s installed. Not to mention, the water is much softer and of better quality than that of granular chlorine. 

Are there any cons? There is a higher cost upfront to install a salt system vs granular chlorine. Also, the salt can corrode metals over time. 

What about granular chlorine? This has a lower upfront cost, but requires harsher chemicals to maintain the pool’s water balance. These chemicals can dry out skin, irritate eyes, and bleach swimwear. You’ll need a steady supply of granular chlorine and you’ll work a bit more to balance your water regularly. 

How do I get a salt system installed? If  you’re interested in learning more about salt systems, or want to get a salt system installed at your property, let us know! We will review your current system, provide an estimate for installation of a salt system, and get you scheduled for installation. 

Install A Salt System Today

Getting a salt system aka a salt chlorinator for your pool is actually quite easy. Make sure to always consult with a certified pool technician before purchasing or attempting to install equipment on your own.  

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