High Seas Pools & Spas

2020 List of Weird Things in Pools

The season is coming to an end (somewhat). With COVID-19 impacting majority of the spring 2020 rental season, we are seeing more volume for fall 2020 in OBX. Regardless, it’s our favorite time of the year to reflect on all of the weird things we found in pools and spas this year.

In no particular order, please enjoy our top 10 WTP (What in The Pool) moments:

  1. The raccoon who made his home in the side of a hot tub, accessing a loose panel. (We named him Farley and moved him to a van down by the river. Just kidding! But he was rehomed.)
  2. An iPhone 4. This 10-year old cell-dinosaur could not keep up with the recent waterproof iPhones, and now lies peacefully in a dump somewhere.
  3. Bachelorette party favors. That’s all we can say.
  4. Crab-pocalypse. This invasion occurred after a storm pushed hundreds of sand-crabs into an ocean front pool. (They were returned back to the world’s pool, aka the Atlantic Ocean.)
  5. A bull-riding float. Okay, not weird – but definitely fun. It came home with HSPS owner, Bradley Musika.
  6. A Donald Trump mask. It’s still working hard to make pools great again.
  7. An entire set of outdoor dining furniture, set-up dinner ready. We assume a very important underwater meeting took place.
  8. The mysterious 1-month blue ring on the pool walls. (We deduced someone wore jean shorts in the pool all week, and the fibers were nearly impossible to remove for weeks to come. PSA – Don’t wear jeans in the pool.)
  9. Barbie heads in the skimmer. The rest of the remains were never located.
  10. An X-Box. Someone’s Mom or Wife wasn’t a happy vacation-goer.

We’re chalking up the extra weirdness in 2020 to COVID-19, but eagerly anticipating what 2021 may have up it’s sleeve in terms of pool technician “great finds”.