High Seas Pools & Spas

A Dip Before Check-In

Hey Furrriends,

It’s Miss Piggy (aka Pigs), the CFO of High Seas Pools & Spas. I’m here today to bark about a topic that leaves many guests in deep water: dogs in the pool.

I’m a water lover. I surf, dig in the sand, chase tennis balls in the water, and practice swim rescue with Bradley. There is one place he just won’t let me play, and that’s the pool. I was really barking mad about it for a little while, but after taking some time in my dog bed to think it through, here’s what I’ve come to understand.

Dogs suffer, not just the pool! Let’s talk about the most important part first – us dogs. Pool chemicals are very hard on the dogs skin, eyes, nose, and mouth. The chemicals can cause reactions such as redness, itchiness, swelling, and irritation. Not to mention, a few gulps of that sweet pool water may leave your pooch dehydrated (or even leaving a yucky surprise on the rental carpet later that day).

Bye, bye chemicals! Dog hair (whether short, long, thick or thin) has a different chemical make-up than humans, including the oils of the dog’s skin. It must be why humans love petting us so much! Our fur and oils suck up and reduce the effectives of the necessary pool chemicals, leaving your pool an oily, hairy, bacteria-filled cesspool. Yum.

Clogged drains happen outside of the bathroom! Dog fur and debris collects in the skimmer system and main drain, causing unnecessary stress (and often damage) on the pool’s system. Technicians have to utilize extra measures to remove the debris, which may be present weeks after your best buddy has taken a dip.

I know it’s tempting to let your fur baby swim on the wild side; however, it’s just not worth it. The beach offers the biggest pool in the world – the ocean! Take it from a professional water dog – a little salt and sand is always better than a backyard puddle.

Barks & Kisses,

Miss Piggy