High Seas Pools & Spas

Hot Tub or Spa?

Do you call it a hot tub or a spa? Regardless of your word choice, we’ve got some facts about spas below.  Here are some cool things that you may not have known about spas/hot tubs: The word “spa” has roots in the Latin phrase, “salus per aquam” meaning “health through water”. Spas, usually in… Continue reading Hot Tub or Spa?

Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

  Perhaps Chemistry wasn’t your favorite class in high school. We know it doesn’t come easy to everyone. But when you’re dealing with pools and spac, there are a few things to understand that will help your ownership and management.    Let’s start with some baseline terms. First and foremost, what is pH? I am sure… Continue reading Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

Hot Tub or Science Project?

It’s happened to many of us before – we head out to the hot tub for a relaxing experience, open the cover and WHAM! We are slammed in the face by a pungent odor and a slightly worrisome water color. Do you dare get in? I’d suggest waiting until a pool/spa technician can drain/refill the… Continue reading Hot Tub or Science Project?