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Hot Tub or Spa?

Do you call it a hot tub or a spa? Regardless of your word choice, we’ve got some facts about spas below. 

Here are some cool things that you may not have known about spas/hot tubs:

  • The word “spa” has roots in the Latin phrase, “salus per aquam” meaning “health through water”.
  • Spas, usually in the form of natural hot springs, were used historically in many cultures including Japan, Rome, Greece and certain Native American tribes for healing attributes.
  • Spas have health benefits such as improved circulation, reduced stress, reduced muscle tension, and helping sleep. 

For those trying to keep their spas/hot tubs fresh, try these tips:

  • Always have a functioning spa cover, and close it properly when not using the spa to retain heat and keep debris out.
  • Leave the floating mushroom in – yes, we mean the chlorinator! It helps keep the water balanced and fight bacteria that can build up in the warm and moist (cringe) environment. 
  • Try selecting only 1-2 swim suits dedicated for spa use, and watch how much detergent and fabric softener you use on them. This will help cut down foam.

Thinking of adding a spa/hot tub to your property? Consider the following:

  • Location! Is the spa easy for all to access, including your maintenance tech? And is the ground or deck structurally sound?
  • Do you have the proper electrical set-up to power the spa without potential danger to the property or users? Don’t skimp on electricity!
  • The waitlist for a spa in Outer Banks can be long during certain periods of the year. Plan some time for ordering, delivery and electrical connection. 

A pool/spa maintenance technician is an excellent resource for those wishing to add or replace a spa on their property. They can help consult on the location, provide a connection to a certified electrician, and facilitate the order/delivery of the new spa with the removal of the old spa. 

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