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Summer Check List


Don’t wait until the weather gets warmer to start your pool and spa season prep, especially if you’re renting your property! February is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on your service plan by updating your pool technician on your rental plans and addressing any repair or replacement concerns to ensure you’re enjoying a clean pool in April or May. 

Here’s a helpful checklist to get your started:

  • Contracts: Sign your 2024 Service contracts. This helps your maintenance provider know what to expect for your season, and will allow you to get scheduled for service(s). 
  • Schedule: Set your rental schedule (determine your rental availability, turn over days or flex status,, and rental management methods) and communicate that to your maintenance provider. 
  • Rental Manager Introduction: If you’re using a rental management company in OBX, connect your maintenance provider with the Rental Manager via email. This will help avoid delayed communications as the season begins.  
  • Open the Pool: Schedule your pool opening! Make sure to check with the requirements of your rental management contract (if applicable). If you’re scheduling with us, the easiest way is to provide the week you need your pool to be ready for use. We recommend opening before May to avoid algae and other issues!
  • Repairs/Replacements: Discuss any needed or desired repairs or replacements before the season starts. This allows time to receive a quote and schedule work, keeping in mind potential impacts like weather or material/parts orders. 
  • Equipment/Signage: Check your equipment and signage to make sure you have everything you need for the start of rentals. Not sure what’s needed? Let us know and we can inventory, order and drop off any items that are missing!
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summer check list