High Seas Pools & Spas

Summer Check List

Don’t wait until the weather gets warmer to start your pool and spa season prep, especially if you’re renting your property! February is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on your service plan by updating your pool technician on your rental plans and addressing any repair or replacement concerns to ensure you’re enjoying… Continue reading Summer Check List

Hot Tub or Spa?

Do you call it a hot tub or a spa? Regardless of your word choice, we’ve got some facts about spas below.  Here are some cool things that you may not have known about spas/hot tubs: The word “spa” has roots in the Latin phrase, “salus per aquam” meaning “health through water”. Spas, usually in… Continue reading Hot Tub or Spa?

2-Factor Winter Plan for Your Spa Maintenance

Winter is coming, and you’ve likely closed your pool for the season. Have a spa on your property? You will be left with two decisions for maintenance: (1) empty and close it down, or (2) keep it running with regular technician maintenance. High Seas Pools & Spas suggests two very important factors in ensuring your… Continue reading 2-Factor Winter Plan for Your Spa Maintenance

Hot Tub or Science Project?

It’s happened to many of us before – we head out to the hot tub for a relaxing experience, open the cover and WHAM! We are slammed in the face by a pungent odor and a slightly worrisome water color. Do you dare get in? I’d suggest waiting until a pool/spa technician can drain/refill the… Continue reading Hot Tub or Science Project?