High Seas Pools & Spas

2-Factor Winter Plan for Your Spa Maintenance

Winter is coming, and you’ve likely closed your pool for the season. Have a spa on your property? You will be left with two decisions for maintenance: (1) empty and close it down, or (2) keep it running with regular technician maintenance. High Seas Pools & Spas suggests two very important factors in ensuring your winter maintenance is a success:

  1. Inform your pool & spa vendor that you plan to keep your spa open throughout the winter and require regular maintenance. At High Seas Pools and Spas, we provide bi-weekly chemical and equipment checks. Should you have a rental, we include a turnover and mid-week cleaning service to ensure the spa is functioning properly. When the hot tub is not in use, a bi-weekly approach ensures the chemical balance of the water stays healthy between visits.
  2. Create a game plan for winterized hose bibs. We always say that OBX is the coldest 45 degrees you’ll ever feel (because that cold ocean wind will never let you forget it). Despite moderate winter temperatures, a high water table does make it possible for pipes to freeze and burst during irregular cold snaps. If you plan to winterize your outside water/hose bibs, notify your pool & spa vendor. They may have to turn water on for a necessary service/repair. A plan will help delineate roles/responsibilities, access points, and a game plan for re-winterizing.

Take the worry off your plate when it comes to winter maintenance of your spa by contracting High Seas Pools & Spas. Two simple steps will have you and your guests enjoying the bubbly water during spring before you know it.