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New Year, New Me, New Pool/Spa Contract!

After a rough 2020, we are thrilled to ring in a new year with a clean slate! While the long summer days are still far in the distance, it’s a great time to evaluate your 2021 pool and spa contract. Early preparation will ensure that your property is functioning at its prime for the start of rental season. But what makes a pool and spa contract superb? Here’s some tips from High Seas Pools & Spas that’ll keep you covered from your first rental to your last splash of the season.

  1. Lock it in early. Locking in your contract at the beginning of the year is helpful not only for your peace of mind, but for your representative rental company and the pool/spa contractor. It’ll give you an opportunity to evaluate and address potential repair needs, ensure you are scheduled for pool/spa opening in line with your prospective rental schedule, and check one more thing off that always growing “spring prep to do list”.
  2. Update equipment and pool/spa signage in pre-season. The pre-season or “off-season” is an excellent time to allow your contractor to complete repairs, upgrades, and/or replacements of pool/spa equipment such as plumbing, skimming systems, fittings, etc. It’s also the perfect time to ensure that you have visible and up to date pool/spa signage to include rules and safety guidelines for rental guests. Taking care of these items before the season begins will ensure you have ample time for contracted work, as well as help to avoid potential guest-in issues during the summer. A happy guest leads to a happy rental company, and ends with a happy home owner.
  3. Check the quality of pool decks/gates/locks. Safety is always an important factor in renting your property. A pool contractor is a great resource to identify potential risks on your pool deck, pool fence, and pool gate/locks. From repairs like replacing a broken skimmer lid to replacement of a magna-latch on your gate, a contractor is an excellent first stop as they are familiar with the products and functionality of the pool deck for optimal safety and long-term wear and tear.
  4. Sign up for storm prep. While it may seem like a no-brainer, many homeowners opt to wait until the storm comes to sign up for prep. Signing up for storm prep at the beginning of the year will ensure you are prioritized on a storm list, should inclement weather hit. Securing pool furniture, turning off power to motors/equipment, and adjusting water levels are just a few of the important services that can help mitigate potential damage and make debris clean-up easier.

Completing a new pool/spa service contract in the beginning of year should be just as easy and straightforward as the service you are provided. Are you interested in contracting High Seas Pools & Spas for 2021? Hop over to our contact page to submit your information for a custom quote today!