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Winterizing a Pool is Important!

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Well, we survived the December cold snap of 2022 in North Carolina! Extreme cold weather isn’t frequent in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but when it does happen it comes with a vengeance. When the temps drop to dangerous lows, you may find your pipes, homes, and pool equipment at risk for leaks, bursts, and other noticeable damage. Winterizing your pool requires draining water out of the motors and plumbing, then properly sealing your equipment to prevent leaks when the pool is not in use. And you guessed it, winterizing a pool is important!


But why is it so important?

 While freezes aren’t a weekly occurrence in OBX, they do happen! Water that remains in your equipment during a freeze will expand, causing small cracks to grow and pipes to burst. Consequences of improper winterization could include:

  • Replumbing your entire pool
  • Motor or filter replacement
  • Extensive concrete work to reach necessary repairs
  • Large labor fees
  • Water damage to your property

These types of repairs can be time consuming and are costly; not to mention, their completion is subject to weather cooperation. Whether you rent your home or utilize it for private use only, a small crack can develop into a massive repair quickly, leaving you with a pool when the spring and summer come around. 

What can you do to prevent damage?

Be proactive! Make sure to winterize your pool well before the threat of extreme cold weather. 
  • Work with your pool technician to ensure the property is properly winterized
  • Make sure you or someone is available to check in on your property during and after extreme cold weather
  • Address any damage or potential damage threats immediately

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