High Seas Pools & Spas

A Hello from High Seas Pools & Spas

Hey Pool & Spa Friends,

My name is Bradley – I am the Owner of High Seas Pools & Spas (HSPS). I’ve been hard at work the past couple of years building HSPS, focusing on training, CPO certification renewals, and creating a business that makes quality service and customer satisfaction a top priority.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What makes you different from any of the other pool company in OBX?” That’s an easy answer.

  • Timing. I’m usually on my first pool deck right before the crack of dawn (with a fancy head lamp for extra visibility). Not only do I ensure a “cooler” day, but I’m able to service properties and identify potential issues before early check-ins.
  • Integrity. Honesty truly is the best policy. Whether dealing with an owner, guest, or vendor, my policy is to approach each service or repair with 100% honesty. I will always relay any equipment concerns, pool/spa use guidelines, and ensure to answer questions that may be lingering about a service.
  • Organization. I can’t take 100% credit for this, but I can give a shout out to Chelsey, the Office Director. Her ability to schedule routes with updated details (provided by owners and rental companies weekly & sometimes daily) astounds me. This organization allows HSPS to tackle regular maintenance, as well as unforeseen repairs or issues without hesitation.
  • Equipment. I’m very “Engineer Minded”. Not only does HSPS provide some of the small details such as new hose timers seasonally, we also ensure to guide our clients towards the most reliable equipment for your pool and spa. Our approach keeps your pool and spa a “well oiled” (or chlorinated – pun intended) machine.

The water isn’t my only focus. I want your pool deck to look presentable from the functionality of the gate locks to the staging of the furniture. Pristine presentation gives you and your guests the exact experience they’ve come to OBX ready to enjoy! Safety is another focus. I spent many years as an Ocean Rescue Guard in Duck & Corolla, building my drive to enforce pool and spa safety. I take pride in the customized HSPS Pool & Spa rules signs (which can be purchased and posted on your property), in addition to our new service focused on MagnaLatch gate lock replacement/repairs.

When I’m not the “Pool Guy”, you can catch me on the beach looking for waves, or spending time with my dogs (Miss Piggy, Cheech, and Bourbon). Did I mention I am going to become a Dad in 2021?! I am beyond excited to welcome a son to my family, and the High Seas Pools & Spas family January 2021.

Surfs up, 

Bradley Musika, Owner